I have been blessed to partner up with the amazing, Katy Moran of Katheryn Moran Photography. I met her through my Facebook page (imagine that!) back in 2012. She invited me to be a part of her STYLED SHOOTS. She has blessed me with many beautiful photographs of my product and my husband and I took a trip out to visit her in Bellingham, WA in February of 2014 to get some photos taken that I could use around my websites. We also got a few shots of us, which I ADORE, like the one below. 

She is extremely talented and makes moments come to life! One of my favorite quotes from her website describing her passion is, "My goal as a photographer is to capture those moments, to sneak them from their day or their minute and to make them eternal." 

If you are anywhere near the Seattle area, make sure to give Katheryn Moran Photography a holler!