For Such A Time began with a lucky find at one of my favorite antique shops in a small town outside of Boston - an old metal stamping set in a custom dovetail box. Thinking it would be good for gifts, it was a must have item. 

My business has grown in so many ways, but my favorite opportunities have been through creating different relationships with bloggers, photographers, and other small businesses. I use Etsy as my main platform for you to shop for my product and it has allowed me the opportunity to create customer relationships with people from all different walks of life. When I first began my business journey, I had no idea I would be shipping off my spoon and fork creations to places all around the world.

The name of my shop is derived from the scripture verse Esther 4:14. This business is truly a dream come true and is what I feel I am meant to do, ..."for such a time as this."

A Little History

June 2011 - Shop opened, but was still just a baby trying to figure out its direction.

October 2011 - Ideas began to flow and orders began to stream in.

February 2012 - I went full time with For Such A Time and quit my part time job.

August 2012 - For Such A Time was featured in Boston Globe Magazine.

October 2012 - For Such A Time moved from Hudson, MA to Austin, TX.

February 2013 - For Such A Time was featured in Austin Tribeza Magazine.

March 2013 - For Such A Time was featured on Celebrity, Lauren Conrad's website.

September 2013 - For Such A Time was featured in Inside Weddings Fall Issue.

November 2013 - For Such A Time was featured by Lauren Conrad and Tori Spelling.

May 2014 - For Such A Time was featured in Woman's Day Magazine.